Thursday, 5 August 2010

Single Hand Watches

Jaquet Droz The Twelve Cities -

Breguet -

R. Nienaber Antero -

Jorg Schauer Einzeiger Gold -

MeisterSinger Granmatik -

Defakto Eins -

Life is moving faster and faster. In order to be present anytime and anywhere—at least virtually - we send information around the globe via internet seemingly faster than the speed of light. We learn how to adapt to the pace of time.

Still each one of us perceives time subjectively. Time flies on the first night of romance, but seems to drag on forever on a dentist’s chair. The rhythm of time wants to bring us in line with our own time. As much as we can we try to create some free space and to take some time out. Good things take time: "Haste makes waste." Find yourself in peace again and again, so that this precious life is not wasted.

one-handed-watch addresses that need. Perhaps the most relaxing way to tell time.


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